WHEN GOVERNMENT RED TAPE SHUTS YOU DOWN... So here's the story – one of our lasers goes down right? and we need a service tech to come in and do the repair work. No big deal – agreed? You'd think not, but when the service guy has to come from out of the country – WELL ALL OF A SUDDEN IT IS A BIG DEAL.

NOW the service guy has to get a work permit to enter the country to do a repair which nobody else can do. OK everyone understands this – couple of days for the permit – maybe a week?. Not a chance – how about 6-7 weeks? And you think anyone in government cares about my customers? Not on your fully pensioned -for-life pal.

Lets face it, this type of qualifying for an out of country work assist should be so simple and streamlined that a single ONE PAGE request from the ailing company should suffice. But noooo. The red tape and beaurocratic overseers know our businesses very well thank you very much. They will be the ones to sit back and analyze/qualify and determine the gravity of each situation. Hey – have another coffee... you're not in any hurry.

Bottom line- when useless red tape handicaps your income generators then the red tape needs to be removed.

ICS Laser will be closed July 17-21 for summer shutdown.

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